Flores Day Trip Tip

See if You can get to Bajawa and book Your

night(s) at the Edelweiss Hotel. While doing

that, ask for the possibility to rent an "ojek".


Now, when You have one for the day, drive

around the area and enjoy. Get the "Ojek"

for a few days and You wil find Yourself in

some real adventurous situations.

Drive 78 kilometers north to Riung, stay there for a few days and then head back to

Bajawa to return the Ojek. You can even rent the bike for Your one way journey to

Labuan-Bajo, a 250+ kilometre long adventure.


Drive up and down the mountains. End up in small villages. Meet friendly people on

Your way, many friendly people. See women with red lips, tongues and teeth. Drive on roads that sometimes resemble off-track roads with many potholes in them, small and

huge. See the real fright on peoples faces, just before they run away scared. Try not to

hit the many chicken, goats, dogs, children and more weird encounters, while on the

road. Find Yourself still moving down on a road with lots of small rocks and rubble,

even when you use both breaks! Surround Yourself with many happy children, by

giving them chocolatebars. End up with a flat tyre and be lucky to find someone in the

middle of nowhere to fix the problem for only a few bucks(new tyre included)!

Woohoo ! What a rush... Go, go and get Yours !


"Ojek" rough pricing :

 1 day - 80.000 rupiah


Bajawa to Labuan-Bajo

one way - 400.000

The owners will collect the Ojeks and

drive back to Bajawa