Hong Kong stopover

There You are... Hong Kong airport.

A stopover in a place You do not really know.   

Not that I know much about the area,

but You could try and do the same as I did.

I left the airport around 09.00 AM

and got back around 21.00 PM.



Start in Tung Chung (1), near the airport.

Catch a ride with the skyrail to Ngong Ping (10.00 AM).

From there You go to the "Path of Wisdom".

Start climbing Lantau Peak (2) for a great view on top.

Follow the path on the other side of the mountain until You reach the road.

Follow that road until You reach Cheung Sha beach (3).

Chill out for a while on the beach and take a refreshing dive in the South China Sea.


Go to the road again and catch a bus to Mui Wo (4).

In Mui Wo You can take a ferry to Hong Kong Central.

You can take the peak tram to visit Victoria Peak (5) for a view of Hong Kong Central.

Then it is probably time to head back to the airport using Hong Kong's MTR.


Woohoo ! What a rush... Go, go and get Yours !