Struggle to get to Waebela

Happy kids from Waebela

Inerie with "saucer cloud"

Petrol fill up for first leg

Flat tire in Wangko

Flores Sea dive

Flying foxes

Harbour street

Sunrise at Kelimutu

1. Kelimutu

2. Bajawa

9. Bajawa

12. Bajawa to Labuanbajo

11. Aimere

3. Bajawa to Riung

4. Bajawa to Riung

72 km. of small & big potholes

Pulau Tujuh Belas

5. Riung

6. Pulau Kalong

7. Pulau Rutong

8. Riung to Bajawa

10. Waebela

Inerie with "cone cloud"

Flores February 2008